Thistle and Crow Seal CopyThistle and Crow Botanical Gifts

I chose Thistle and Crow for the store name because I find that they are both beautiful, mysterious, and dark. As a biologist, my interests vary anywhere from pretty flowers to animal skulls. On the campus where I work full-time we have about 15,000 crows that roost in the evenings. The phenomenon of having that many birds come in at once is emotive and spectacular. Truly an amazing daily event! Thistles have long been one of my favorite flowers. They are both beautiful and guarded - carelessness can easily lead to an unwanted prick!

Buy t-shirts from my Etsy store: ThistleandCrowGifts

T-shirts are available in two formats: pre-made and made-to-order.

About ready-to-go shirts

  • I order the t-shirts myself and have a relative print them in Washington State.
  • They can print on 80% cotton or higher, which a lot of people want and like.
  • I also have full control to purchase shirts made in the USA or in Central America.
  • I inspect every shirt that goes out
  • I can charge a lower price
  • I can cater to large orders and bulk pricing
  • I ship next day, USPS First Class which takes 2-5 days to ship in the mail.
  • There are fewer shirt designs and options available.

About print-on-demand shirts

  • These are printed by Printful, usually in California or North Carolina
  • They can print on many different fabrics including polyesters and heather-style tees
  • I don't get to pick the country of origin on some of the brands.
  • I don't get to view any product that goes out
  • Prices are a bit higher
  • Large orders not recommended (unless you want a polyester or heather)
  • Shirt takes about a week to print, and a week to ship (2 weeks is average to get order)
  • There are MANY shirt options available! Whatever color or design style. Contact me if you can't find what you're looking for!