Registration is open, classes are filling up, and the Crows: Caws and Effect curriculum is finally finished. A major thanks to my student worker, Jessica Rouske, who helped develop and complete this project! -SV

Crows and ravens are smart, quirky, and mysterious.  UW Bothell is home to thousands of crows that roost on campus every night creating a unique environment for research and creative expression.

  Join us for a week-long exploration that combines science, art and corvids. Learn how crows and ravens communicate and use tools to gather food. Study their distinct anatomy, create crow-inspired artwork and discover their meanings in cultures around the globe.  How will these clever creatures inspire your curiosity?

New! Crows: Caws and Effect Curriculum

Crow Gathering Moss by Sarah Verlinde

Grades 4 & 5

UW Bothell: August 5 - 9

Monday Outline: Introduction to Crows, Habitat, and Journaling

  • Safety Talk
  • Expectations and Overview of the Week
  • Crows at UW Bothell
  • Differences Between Crows and Ravens
  • Introduction to Nature Journaling
  • New Art Technique! Sketching
  • New Art Technique! Frottage/Leaf Rubbings
  • Wetlands and Restoration Introduction
  • Nature Journaling time at the Boardwalk/UW Campus Wetlands
  • New Art Technique! Watercolors
  • New Art Style! Surrealism and Journal Decoration

Tuesday Outline: Anatomy and Life Cycle of Corvids/Birds

  • Head, Wings and Toes!
    Crow collage by Sarah Verlinde
  • Corvid Family Lesson
  • External Crow Anatomy Lesson
  • Crow Anatomy Art Project
  • What do Feathers do? Learn about the three main feather types and drawing
  • Feather Bookmark
  • What’s Inside Counts: Bird Anatomy Compared to Humans
  • Skull Structure Lesson
  • Skull Drawings
  • Crow Anatomy Group Art Project
  • Nature Walk and Bird Watching
  • Life Cycle of Crows Lesson
  • Chicks and Parents Photo Painting - Mixed Media Lesson

Wednesday Outline: Natural History and Personifying Corvids

  • What are Fossils?
  • Paint Your Own Fossil Bag
  • Personifying Animals Introduction
  • Crow Charades
  • Crow Personality Writing Warm Up (poetry forms)
  • Crow Myths from Around the World
  • Crow-llective Group Feather Collage
  • Corvid Morphology – Interesting Crow Features
  • Personification Artwork – Collage
  • Story Time Writing (short story)
  • Crow and Raven Myth Skits - Prep
  • Crow and Raven Myth Skits – Performance

Thursday Outline: Communication and Intellect

  • Intelligent Animals Check In
  • How Do you Measure intelligence?
  • Memory Puzzle Game
  • Animal Videos: Instinct vs Intellect
  • Caw-munication Lesson – Focus on Dr. Wacker's research observing how crows communicate on UWB rooftops.
  • Are You Smarter than a Crow? Trivia Game
  • Crow Mask Study - UW researcher Dr. Marzluff discovers crows can pass knowledge onto other crows.
  • Paint Bird Feeder Components for Friday
  • Crow-munication Relay Game, campers use several different forms of communication, besides just speech
  • Art Lesson: Color Theory, Tints, Hues, Shades, and Tones
  • Nature Journaling Time

Friday Outline: Watershed and Habitat Awareness

  • Watershed Introduction
  • Nature Walk: Human Effects on Environment
  • Crows and Hunters Game
  • Bird Beak Buffet Introduction: What and How Birds Eat
  • Bird Beak Buffet Activity
  • Finish Bird Feeder
  • Nature Journaling Time/Open Art Time
  • Crow Skits: Good Morning Ameri-caw – Prep
  • Crow Skits: Good Morning Ameri-caw – Performance parents are invited to watch!

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