Another fantastic story about the Pacific Science Center Summer Camp, Crows: Caws and Effect. I'm so glad that it's finished and it went so well. Thanks to the UW Bothell Advancement for covering this story. -SV

Like the crows they learned about, the young students at a Pacific Science Center summer camp held Aug. 5-9 at the University of Washington Bothell had sharp eyes and moved smartly.

In one activity, they looked at feathers under a microscope and compared details of a contour or flight feather from a crow with the down or inner fluffy feather from a guinea fowl. They then sketched the different patterns, making note of the interlocking barbs on the crow feather.

And then they were ready for the next lesson.

The more you know the more you crow
Crows are smart, quirky and mysterious, said Sara Verlinde, a project specialist with the UW Bothell Office of Research. She developed Crows: Caws and Effect, the newest of the summer camps that the science center holds for elementary school-age students. She created the program with student employee Jessica Rouske, a Biology major graduating this summer. It was inspired by the interest in the Crow Watch held last October on campus. ...

Image by Marc Studer