Sarita V Pin-up and Vintage Fashion

Sarita V Pin-up is my creative outlet to balance some of the very tedious and dry work I do on a daily basis. I started photographing others in 2018, but moved to rural Eastern Washington, so I'm not currently taking clients.

For the photos of myself, I take them with a remote trigger and do the entire process alone. This includes costuming, hair, background sets, photography, and post image processing. I generally like to shoot with bright lights (high-key photography), few shadows, and a flat, single color background. It’s similar to many pin-ups from the past, especially since many are paintings. Using high-key photography and bright color contrast adds a cartoon and super hero quality to the photo that I love. I also like to shoot with lower light with a shout-out to the film noir style of the forties. 

With the recent move and business model change, Sarita V Pinup started a YouTube channel that focuses on the many facets of vintage fashion photography and sewing.

Thanks for checking out and supporting my project!


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